Difficulty running Startron?
Startron is designed to run on .net Core 3.1 for maximum compatibility.
If you can't run Startron, you may not have .net Core installed on your machine.

Please find the .net Core 3.1 runtimes here
(The correct one for your operating system will need to be downloaded and installed before Startron will launch properly)

Note: Startron has only been tested to work with Windows
Startron looks a bit squished?
Startron is designed to run on a screen resolution of 1280x1024 or greater.
However, if the screen is vertically shorter when Startron starts, it will reduce the height of the window automatically at the cost of some screen real-estate in game.
All features should still be accessible and work correctly if this proves necessary.
Contact me about an issue
For technical assistance, please either:
   - Post a detailed explanation of your problem on the Startron TIG Forums development thread

   - Send a message to me on the Neocities hub
Configure Startron
Startron will accept a number of launch parameters provided to it with a plaintext config file next to the application titled "startron.cfg"
Music can be toggled at launch with:
   music: on|off
The screen can be squished to emulate a lower resolution with:
   squished: on|off
The cosmos name can be changed with:
   cosmos: {filename}
Building restrictions can be toggled with:
   unlimited: on|off