Startron is a procedurally generated space sandbox game written in C# using mainly codepage 437 for graphics.
The concept of Startron was inspired by Dwarf Fortress, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Factorio, No Man's Sky, Rimworld & Starport: Galactic Empires.

The project

Programming by Rogo Darius
Music by Moonlit/Byte Garden and 20consenses

I release updates for Startron on a semi-regular basis so stay tuned!
If you'd rather look at some of the other stuff I've made with my tiny dev team in the past, check out Rogo Digital.
Or for some other personal projects of mine, check out Rogo Darius.

Some stats

Project started 2020.6.2.
Current version as of 2024.2.16 is v0.88.

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